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Mission Statement:

"Teaching young adults how to make money from lucrative financial markets from home by following proven, tested Forex and Stocks trading strategies- that Work!"


Trade2Gain has one simple goal: "To teach you how to learn trading through Forex and Stock market training courses, so you could successfully trade the Forex/Stock markets". Our team is made up of expert, professional traders and coaches, who are committed to using their experience to turn candidates into skillful, independent traders. Designed to help you learn trading through our comprehensive training packages that use powerful, proven trading methodologies to provide you with a strategic foundation for long and short term, profitable Forex trading strategies to help you learn forex trading and how to make money through the ever growing lucrative market.

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Our Expertise

Unique back tested "money making" trading strategies that are consistent with the ever changing market trend whilst risking a tiny percentage of our account. We teach these strategies in our bespoke training sessions tailored to client needs to ensure profitability in terms of knowledge on a long term bases...

Our Approach

We are committed to working closely with our clients to help them fully understand their financial arrangements...

Your Independence 

We are a Trader Mentoring company focused on young adults and students from around the world offering unique trading strategies that work over and over again. We believe in ensuring that our clients are hand held throughout their money making experience..