Our courses are flexible, our tutors friendly and approachable and best of all, we provide this service at a very reasonable fee, ensuring that your hard-earned savings can be put towards trading rather than drained by costly training. Furthermore, we also provide ongoing support with our live online Forex Profits Chat room and Daily Market Watch.
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Trader Training Overview:The Trade2Gain Forex Profits Programme are comprehensive training and coaching courses providing all the skills, material and information you need to become a successful independent trader and make a living trading Forex online.

 The foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world with an average daily turnover of over$3 trillion. Functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this highly lucrative market is constantly trading transactions across the globe, offering you high profit potential in a recession proof business.

Our core programmes are designed to lead you step-by-step as you discover the secrets to success in Forex, enabling you to comprehend the key principles of trading, how to apply successful back tested strategies and the use of solid risk management practice in order to generate hundreds of pips per week whilst safely managing your money.

Courses are limited to 1:1 and small-scale classes to provide an acutely client-focused service, ensuring tailored attention to your unique learning needs and schedule constraints. Whether you are an experienced trader looking to develop your skills or a complete novice wanting to learn how to trade, we will ensure that you leave our course with a fully comprehensive understanding of the incredible world of Forex and are equipped with all the skills you require to trade with confidence straight away.

Our courses are flexible, our tutors friendly and approachable and best of all, we provide this service at a very reasonable fee, ensuring that your hard-earned savings can be put towards trading rather than drained by costly training. Furthermore, we also provide full ongoing support after completing the course with our live online Forex Profits Chatroom and Daily Market Watch.
There are two training courses available: the Foundation Forex Programme and Master Forex Programme.
In addition Trade2Gain also offer unique MoneyMaker coaching sessions, in the form of live trading sessions alongside one of our top traders.
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Your road to becoming SUCCESSFUL TRADER:

Like many people who want to delve into live trading you might be unsure as to how to get started. To make sure that you are 100% ready to begin trading for real money and make profits on your trades, our supportive team will guide you step-by-step into this lucrative market. You can choose to immerse yourself into trading full time or start part time alongside your current occupation. The benefit of trading part time is that you don’t have to quit your day job as you can trade in the evenings on the US and Asian markets so that you still have the security of a regular income whilst learning the ropes.Whether you are a complete novice or an advanced trader, looking for a trading career or to generate a second income,Trade2Gain are dedicated to your success.

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Trader’s Chat Room:

 The Trade2Gain Forex Profits Chat room sessions are an invaluable opportunity for both beginner and experienced traders alike to gain real insight into what drives the market on a daily basis: What trades are we placing right now and why? What are other traders thinking and doing?Now you can get real-time answers to these questions and more when you subscribe to our LIVE online Forex Profits Chat Room. This essential tool is undoubtedly the most immediate way to gain insider knowledge and increase confidence whilst keeping your finger on the pulse of the markets.
  • Monitor & Place Live Trades Alongside Professional Traders

Join the Trade2Gain expert traders daily sharing information in real time as we trade the Forex market live, posting real-time trades and giving real-time market commentary.
Follow our live indicators and trading charts – which means you get to see exactly what the trader sees – to gain valuable insider perspectives on how professional traders perform and react to market trends.
If the opportunity arises, trade in real-time alongside your mentor whilst working on the live market.

  • Profit From Exclusive Educational Opportunities

Our chat room is moderated by trading professionals, eager to share their knowledge and experience by conducting live educational sessions as well as assist you in your own trades. While we monitor the daily market we will be highlighting the principal pitfalls and opportunities that arise, teach the specific fundamentals that impact the market and ingrain the importance of a disciplined, systematic approach.

  • Participate in Direct Q&A Sessions with Professional Traders

Getting your specific questions answered live by trading experts can increase your grasp of trading concepts, save you time and boost your confidence. When you subscribe to our Chat Room, you’ll have ample opportunities to participate in these real-time and highly interactive question-and-answer sessions.

  • Join Discussions with Your Day trading Colleagues

Trading can be a lonely profession and making financial decisions with major win-or-lose implications can be a test of confidence as well as skill. Our Chat Room will enable you to get companionship from interacting with other day traders, allowing you to bounce ideas and share trade set-ups from the comfort of your own home.

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