The Trade2Gain Forex Profits Chat Roomsessions are an invaluable opportunity for both beginner and experienced traders alike to gain real insight into what drives the market on a daily basis: What trades are we placing right now and why? What are other traders thinking and doing?

Now you can get real-time answers to these questions and more when you subscribe to our LIVE online Forex Profits Chat Room. This essential tool is undoubtedly the most immediate way to gain insider knowledge and increase confidence whilst keeping your finger on the pulse of the markets.

Monitor & Place Live Trades Alongside Professional Traders

Join the Trade2Gain expert traders daily sharing information in real time as we trade the Forex market live, posting real-time trades and giving real-time market commentary.

Follow our live indicators and trading charts – which means you get to see exactly what the trader sees – to gain valuable insider perspectives on how professional traders perform and react to market trends.

If the opportunity arises, trade in real-time alongside your mentor whilst working on the live market.

Profit From Exclusive Educational Opportunities

Our chat room is moderated by trading professionals, eager to share their knowledge and experience by conducting live educational sessions as well as assist you in your own trades. While we monitor the daily market we will be highlighting the principal pitfalls and opportunities that arise, teach the specific fundamentals that impact the market and ingrain the importance of a disciplined, systematic approach.

Participate in Direct Q&A Sessions with Professional Traders

Getting your specific questions answered live by trading experts can increase your grasp of trading concepts, save you time and boost your confidence. When you subscribe to our Chat Room, you’ll have ample opportunities to participate in these real-time and highly interactive question-and-answer sessions.

Join Discussions with Your Day trading Colleagues

Trading can be a lonely profession and making financial decisions with major win-or-lose implications can be a test of confidence as well as skill. Our Chat Room will enable you to get companionship from interacting with other day traders, allowing you to bounce ideas and share trade set-ups from the comfort of your own home.


The Forex Profits Chat Room sessions consists of two 2-hour sessions daily using advanced chatroom technology allowing you to listen to running commentary, see real-time streaming charts and speak directly to the Trade2Gain team and other delegates while they trade.

These sessions are based around applying strategies while the market is active and involve a combination of tutorials, question-and-answer sessions and live trading opportunities under the guidance of our professional traders.

The sessions run in two groups: The first session runs from 12pm-2pm, focusing on trading the US open at 1:30pm, extremely powerful for trading Nylon. The second group runs between 12am-2am, concentrating on the Sydney and Tokyo open times, and is particularly valuable for placing end of day setups. Choose either one of these sessions to fit in around your work schedule or maximize returns on your capital by subscribing to both and benefit from our joint discount!


If you subscribe to our Forex Profits Chat Room you will also receive a free bonus Email Market Update free of charge every Friday, highlighting opportunities building up in the market, news to watch out for and currency/stock pairs to focus on for the week ahead.

This service is indispensable for any dedicated trader as it arms you with the knowledge of vital news breakouts in advance and prepares you for any setups that may be forming in the coming week.


Trade2Gain are offering a special introductory trial offer for a limited time only of just £50.00 per session for one month’s Chat Room membership, reduced from £75. This is less than £1/hr for live online professional tuition and guidance – a small price to pay in view of the large potential returns on offer! If you wish to sign up to both sessions, you can benefit from the discounted introductory rate of only £100, normally £125.

For continued membership after this introductory period, normal membership rates of £75 per month for a single session, or £125 for both sessions will apply. Customers can apply for a 3-month minimum subscription (terms and conditions apply*) or obtain even further discounts with an annual membership.

Chatroom Pricing Chart

The FOREX PROFITS CHAT ROOM is an essential and highly recommended tool for any active trader who is interested in fast-tracking their trading capabilities. Profit from the many professional trading advantages it offers and sign up now to benefit from our introductory discounts!

Phone 0207 978 9800 and join in straight away!

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